Our Food

There is no set menu in the bar and grill so you can choose whether you have one course, two or three at an extremely reasonable price.

Our Food

We are proud of the food that we serve. Eating is as formal or informal as you want to make it with lots of eating options.

Our Food

All of our steaks are butchered in house from the finest Scottish Beef. At least 95% of our fresh ingredients are now supplied by producers in East Lothian.

Our Food

Bread is baked fresh daily, icecreams and sorbets are all homemade, as are all of our desserts.

Our Food

We have a simple philosophy - seasonal produce, locally sourced, beautifully cooked and presented simply.

Lunch and Bar


Mon to Thu 12pm - 2.15pm / 5.30pm - 9pm
Friday to Sunday 12pm - 9pm

Freshly Made Soup ... £4.00
Homemade bread

Chorizo Scotch Egg ... £6.00
Black pudding, apple and red onion salad

Treacle Cured Salmon ... £6.50
Spring onion and pickled beetroot salad

Bacon and Apple Chicken Liver Pate ... £5.50
Chutney and melba toast

Whipped Goats Cheese (v)... £5.50
Vegetable dippers

Nether Abbey Salad (v) ... £6.00
Feta, edamame beans, chick peas, grilled artichoke and zucchini,
chicory, za’atar and garnished with pea shoots and crispy tortilla

Rope Grown Mussels ...Small £7.50/Large £15.00
Lemon grass, chilli, ginger and coriander

Smoked Haddock and Cheddar Fishcakes ... Small £5.50/Large £10.50
Tartare sauce

Hot Ciabattinas

Matured Sirloin Steak ... £9.50
Caramelised onion

Sweetcure Bacon ... £8.00
Lettuce and Tomato

Fish Fingers ... £8.00
Tartare sauce

Cold Ciabattinas

Belhaven Smoked Salmon ... £7.50
Atlantic prawns

Gosford Estate Chicken ... £7.50
Spicy chorizo

Cream Cheese & Cucumber... £6.50
Cracked Black Pepper

All of our ciabattinas are served with double dipped chips or potato salad

 Nether Abbey Fish and Chips - £12.00

Fresh haddock from JK Thompson of Musselburgh, either breaded with our own breadcrumbs or battered using our crispy Williams Draught lager batter,
Served with double dipped chips and pea puree.

North Berwick Lobster

Half £16.50 / Whole £32.00
Caught in the Firth of Forth and dispatched to order. Grilled with lemon or garlic butter, served with side salad and double dipped chips

Fruits de Mer £55.00

2 x Half Lobster, Fish Fingers, Mussels, Chilli and Coriander Prawns,
Aioli, Lemon Butter, Double Dipped Chips and House Salad
Recommended 2 people as a main or 4 or more to start

Fisherman’s Pie ... £13.50
Smoked haddock, salmon, prawn and egg topped with creamy mash

Sea Bream ... £13.00
Potted prawns, new potatoes, samphire and cherry tomatoes

Chicken Holstein ... £12.50
Breaded escalope, anchovies, capers, crispy fried egg and double dipped chips

Pork Loin ... £13.00
Mustard and herb crust, creamy mash, steamed greens and maple jus

35 Day Matured Sirloin Steak ... £22.00
Double dipped chips, tomato, mushroom and onion rings

Cracked peppercorn, whisky and mustard or port and Stilton sauce ... £2.50

Spaghetti with Pequillo Peppers (v) ... £9.50
Lemon and soft herbs

Aubergine Schnitzel and Halloumi Stack (v) ... £12.00
Roasted cherry tomatoes and a pepper dressing

Side Dishes - £3.50

Choose from double dipped chips, creamy mash, herb mash, new potatoes,
today’s organic vegetables, green salad, onion frites, garlic bread or
homemade bread with butter and oils

Homemade Gourmet Burgers

Served on homemade brioche buns with salad, mayo and double dipped chips

Steak Mince Burger ... £10.50
Made to our own recipe

Volcano Burger ... £13.00
Steak mince burger “infuriated” with Scotch bonnet chillies and topped
with cheddar cheese and chorizo

Fly Half Burger ... £14.50
Steak mince burger with cheddar, streaky bacon, chorizo and a fried egg

Blackened Cajun Chicken Burger ... £10.50
Gosford Estate chicken breast marinated in Cajun spices

Beetroot and Chickpea Burger (v) .... £10.50
Topped with halloumi cheese

Toppings - £1.50 Each
Choose from cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, Stilton, halloumi, streaky bacon, haggis, caramelised onions, chorizo, onion rings or a fried egg


Malted Brownie ... £5.00
With salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake ... £5.00
With brown sugar cured strawberries

Tiramisu ... £5.00
Luxurious coffee, chocolate and mascarpone

Fly Half Knickerbocker Glory ... £6.50
To share or not!

Homemade Ice Creams and Sorbets ... £5.00
Please ask for today’s flavours

Scottish Cheese Selection ... £7.50
With caramelised spiced walnuts, chutney and oatcakes

Café Gourmand ... £5.50
Americano coffee with a trio of bite size desserts

Children’s Menu

For children under the age of 10
We can also do any of our other dishes on the menu as a children’s portion

Freshly Made Soup ... £2.00
Homemade bread

Crusty Garlic Bread ... £1.50
With or without cheese

The following dishes are served with double dipped chips
and your choice of beans, peas, carrots or cucumber

Sizzling Sausages ... £5.50
Pork sausages from John Gilmour

Chicken Strips ... £5.50
Made with organic chicken breast

Fish Goujons ... £5.50
Made with fresh haddock

Cheesy Pasta ... £5.50
In our homemade cheese sauce

Mini Burger ... £5.50
Made with steak mince, in a mini brioche bun

All children’s meals come with a cone of our homemade ice cream

 Children’s Policy

The Nether Abbey has always welcomed children, and we would ask that for the comfort and enjoyment of others that children remain seated at the table and do not run around the eating or dining area.
Children are not allowed to sit at the bar or at the tables near the bar as these are for drinkers only.
Children are welcome in the bar till 7pm but may stay later in the restaurant if they are eating.

4 Stars award

 2019 VisitScotland 4 Stars award

East Lothian Food & Drink Awards 2015
East Lothian Food & Drink Awards

Winner of Best Hotel Meal 2015!


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