The North Berwick Law

The North berwick LawNorth Berwick is dominated by the Law ('hill') - an extinct volcano rising to over 600 feet in height. The climb is not too strenuous (sturdy boots are recommended) and the views offer ample reward. If you are not feeling so energetic perhaps a walk around the beautiful Lodge Grounds or too the beach would suit you better.

4 Stars award

 2019 VisitScotland 4 Stars award

East Lothian Food & Drink Awards 2015
East Lothian Food & Drink Awards

Winner of Best Hotel Meal 2015!

Lobster Shack

The Lobster Shack at North Berwick harbour: the taste of fresh seafood, cooked to perfection, served by the sea

Rocketeer Restaurant
The Rocketeer Restaurant

Top quality food and beverage, served in the quaint surroundings of North Berwick Harbour

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